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Warranty terms

TCI guarantees its products for 36 months from the date of manufacture indicated on the products themselves. 
TCI’s warranty covers only possible manufacturing defects. 
The warranty does not cover defects and/ or damage caused by incorrect use and not in accordance with the technical information, use and storage made available by TCI (product label, catalog, datasheet and any additional information provided). 
The warranty also does not cover defects and/or damage resulting from installations that do not comply with international installation criteria and expires completely if the products are opened, mechanically tampered with or used in the presence of liquids not compliant with the IP grade of the product. Any damage related to transport, for which it will be necessary to claim on the carrier, is not covered by the guarantee. 
The material can be returned for inspection with transport at the customer’s expense, after the technical analysis will be returned or refunded if manufacturing defects will be found, the material not working due to breakage during installation, plastic damaged by tampering, incorrect use or other reasons that do not fall under the manufacturing defect is not under warranty, therefore non-refundable or replaceable.
To proceed with the return shipment, the customer must follow the procedure at the following link: